2012 year recap

Well, the 2012 season is already over, now it’s time to make the summary!

The triathlon season has started in last September, after a well-deserved off-season to recuperate from my injury-dotted season.

Considering that I had as goal to do the cross-country season, I started training earlier than usual. The training was fine, but my old calf injury continued to haunt me, preventing me from pushing too much in training. Nevertheless, the results were promising, and all came to fruition with a great third place in provincial school cross-country (despite an early fall that relegated me in last place).

Training continued successfully during the winter, with the main goal being to get back on my feet injury-free and in shape for the triathlon season. Everything went well, but without a training camp during this period, my motivation took a blow.

Finally, summer came along. The first competitions were considered as tests, having done close to no intensity/volume during the winter: I still got a good result at the triathlon Drummondville, taking the fifth position. The following week, the Trois-Rivières triathlon took place in the same way, resulting this time in a 6th place. A few weeks remained before the Quebec triathlon, so the real training finally began and gave off. I took the third position in Quebec and the following week in Magog, at my second participation in a National Junior Series. Unfortunately, a small knee tendinitis appeared after Magog, forcing me to reduce my training in prevision for the second stop of the National Series, in Ottawa, resulting in a fifth position. I was satisfied, but still slightly disappointed, my tendinitis keeping me from giving my best. A few weeks of easy training then followed in preparation for the Nationals in Kelowna.


That being my first competition outside the province and my first national championship, my level of stress was quite high: Despite that, everything went well and I added another medal to my collection, claiming third place to end the season in beauty (also with a 4th position in the national junior ranking).


Now, after a few weeks of rest, I’m back to training (almost) full time and am already looking forward to next season!



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