June month report, lots of fun (and travelling)! (continued)

After the National Series in Edmonton, I had a few days off before heading to the airport for a jolly 30 hour long trip to Brazil. The days before the competition were quite relaxed, consisting of plenty of rest and a lot of practice to swim in ocean, with waves sometimes approaching 2m tall! The day before the competition, I was pretty stressed out, being my first race at that level, but luckily my coach, Kyla, was able to calm me down and help me prepare myself mentally for the competition!

Everything went well the morning of the race, so I headed to the start line motivated and ready to race. Wearing number 50, I was one of the last to choose my position on the beach (it was a beach start), and took a pretty decent spot. I had a terrible start, finding myself last from the first meters of the race to the water, then went into catch-up mode and managed to find myself in 17th position at the exit, and about tenth at the start of the bike. The bike was pretty uneventful, so we all arrived in a tight bunch for running. Under the scorching heat, I started the first lap, only to learn from my coach that I had a penalty … I then proceeded to sprint to the penalty box, and started my 15s about 5s behind the second guy on the road. I exited the box in 5th place with the legs completely destroyed from that unplanned stop. I caught the fourth position and ran with him until about 500m from the finish, where the heat got the best of me and also where my legs refused to lift up completely with each stride. As a result, I leaned forward uncontrollably and fell and fell twice before I throwing myself on the finish line and got passed by two Mexican, therefore ending in seventh position (first Canadian) and in the medical tent for about an hour.

After regaining my mind and some confirmations to make, it was time for celebration: the first Canadian in the top eight, my place in the world championships became guaranteed! Another huge stress off my shoulders, now the time to focus on the remaining races of my calendar, the Lac-Delage triathlon, the Canadian Junior Champs in Toronto and the Canada Games (having removed the National Series of St. Andrews from my calendar, being a 9h drive from home the morning after my return from Brazil).

Thanks to the Trimes Team, Eload, my coach Kyla Rollinson and my parents for their support!

Once again, see you soon!




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