June month report, lots of fun (and travelling)!

I started this summer with a big block competition, 5 races in five weekends (June is special this year with 5 weekends).

The first was located in Joliette, a Quebec Cup for the Junior / Senior, and was a big disappointment, because at the second kilometer of a 20k bike loop, I suffered a puncture due to a nasty train track, cracking my Zipp wheel at the same time…  Not a great start to the local season. I then traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to compete in the first stop of the National Junior Series. The race began with a very fast swim, causing Myles Zagar, Tyler Mislawchuk and I got on the bike course on a breakaway of three. We managed to ahead of the pack for the rest of the bike and even had the luxury of taking time on the big bunch of twenty guys. In second transition, we therefore left with a comfortable lead, approaching the minute. The run was quite difficult, my legs being pretty tired of this hard effort on the bike. Tyler managed to get about 5 seconds before me of T2, and has maintained this lead for the remainder of the race, attacking me whenever I was able to join him, so I finished solid second position.

I then came back home to prepare for the Drummondville triathlon, a very important event considering the first two positions guaranteed a place in the Quebec team for the Canada Games. That was exactly what I did, arriving in second place, following Alexis Lepage, after a pretty hectic swimming (waves in the opposite direction to a strong current), a pretty solid bike and a great run segment. I managed to drop Gabriel Legault 500m from the end and catch Francis Lefebvre 200m, ending at 3 seconds from Alexis. A great thing done and a big stress behind me!

Finally came the last triathlon of June in Canada, the National Junior Series in Edmonton. It was a PATCO race (open to junior athletes from other countries), but the only international competitor came from Aruba, being more a Canadian race than an international race. The swim portion went pretty well for me, running out of the lake (infested with duck) 10s before the second, and with a 15s advance out of the first transition. Unfortunately, I had no one with whom to try a breakaway, so I rode alone for half a lap (5k) and then got caught by the pack. I was very aggressive at the T2, entering and exiting the first, and found myself in a group of 4 (Russell Pennock, Robert Bigsby, Jeremy Briand and myself) who ran together for the majority of the run, despite several attacks. At approximately 1k from the finish, we distanced Russell, and some 500m further I tried to attack to force my rivals to drop. Unfortunately, I managed to keep the lead until about 50m from the line, where Jeremy and Robert sprinted past me to take respectively the first and second position. I was slightly frustrated at the end, but I knew that the big race was next week in Brazil!

To not ask too much of your concentration, I will write a summary of my race in Brazil in a different article 🙂

Thanks to the Trimes Team, Eload, my coach Kyla Rollinson and my parents for their support!

See you soon!




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