Lac Delage triathlon and Junior Canadian Champs

After having a week dedicated entirely to recovery, because of my solid month of June and non-participation in the National Junior Series in St. Andrews, triathlon du Lac Delage was the next date on my calendar. It was not a very important race for me because I was already qualified for the Canada Games, so I came to the race relaxed. I still did pretty well, finishing a solid second and clocking the day’s fastest run split behind Francis Lefebvre, who waited for me so that we could finish side by side, securing at the same time his place on Team Quebec for the Canada Games.

Since everything was going too well, I was victim of an unfortunate incident at Jean-Drapeau Park Tuesday, July 16: My bike was stolen, the thief having cut the lock of the metal cage protecting our bikes, and decided to depart with only my bike. Big blow to morale, especially a few days (5 to be precise) from the Canadian Championships in Toronto. With the help of my coach, Kyla Rollinson, and an extremely generous contact, Augy Marmelo, I managed to find a good mount, and thus had the opportunity to race.

Fortunately, everything went relatively smoothly: despite a horrible start and a chaotic swim to the first two buoys (100m from the start), I still managed to get fourth out of the water and out of the T1. We subsequently worked pretty well to catch Tyler and Myles, who were in a breakaway, then work decently on a difficult course with a strong headwind on a long false flat, with my eload sport drink helping me to stay hydrated and replenish my overall energy. We then entered T2 with a good lead on the following pack, which contained several dangerous runners, but made a small mistake, resulting in a collision with Maxime Labarre, costing me a few precious seconds. I then had to push the pace to catch Tyler and Alexis, the latter continuing the effort when we joined Tyler instead of slowing down as I did. Yes, small mistake on my part, despite the fact that I was catching Alexis, I found myself alone to chase and fell short to catch him up, finishing three seconds behind him and the Canadian Champion title. Slight disappointment, but a good race anyway. Little funny moment during the medal ceremony, I had a picture alone with Simon Whitfield, the first and third being at an anti-doping control. Now is the time to focus on the next race, the Canada Games, on the 13, 16 and 17 of August.

I also have just received my HED Jet 5 Express wheels, which I can’t wait to use in races!!

Thanks to the Trimes Team, Eload, my coaches Kyla Rollinson and Javier Cuevas and my parents for their support!

Once again, see you soon!


Toronto 2013-1


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