Canada Games 2013

Finally back in my little comfy bed!

This past week has been incredible, being my first (and last) experience of Canada Games. The atmosphere was great and being constantly surrounded by people having the same level of fitness as me was great. The experience was memorable!

The triathlon competitions at the Games were separated into three parts: the individual race, female and male relay and the mixed relay. The first race, the individual, unfolded as follows:

Being a beach start, I had a lot of trouble and it was very difficult for me, being disadvantaged by the length of my legs and the fact that we could run pretty far. I found myself in about 15th position when we started swimming, but then started my climb to the front when I found myself swimming alone in a straight line to the buoy, with a big “pack” to my left going a bit off course. This led me back in the top 5 at the second buoy. I subsequently tried to pick up the pace, but I could not manage to take control of the front of the race. I then came out of the water in fourth position, and embarked on my bike third. I was a little disappointed by the fact that all the major runners were in the same pack as me, as we had planned a breakaway in the swim portion, but I still did my part in a cycling part that proved pretty easy, with a huge help from Riley Unger, working for his teammate Tyler Mislawchuk. We dropped the bike altogether, and I had a very fast transition to end up with Francis Lefebvre and Tyler, taking the lead a few hundred meters afterwards. I then imposed the tempo until about halfway back in the first lap, where Francis took the lead until the penalty box, where he took his penalty, and I regained the top spot . I kept the same pace and was able (not without effort) to keep my position and secure my first win of the year. Hell of a relief!

Thereafter, the men’s relay was also well. Going first, I had the task of giving Francis a lead. This is what I did, giving him a 10 seconds advantage on the second place. The rest of the relay went well, with a special mention to Alexis for a solid TT alone, and we won with a comfortable lead over the second position.

At the meeting for the last relay, it was decided, within the team, to let the chance to Francis and Alexis to try and get another medal, myself having already collected two gold medals. Unfortunately, the relay did not go as planned: Alexis suffered a flat tire, which resulted in too much of a delay, preventing the team to compete for a spot on the podium.

In summary, I am very satisfied with my results and had a great experience at the Canada Games. Now it’s time to change my focus and concentrate on the last high point of my season, the Junior World Championships in London!

Before closing off, a huge thanks to HED cycling, who helped me a lot for my aero Jet 5 Express wheels, who probably allowed me to use my full potential on the bike!

Thanks to the Trimes Team, Eload, my coaches Kyla Rollinson and Javier Cuevas and my parents for their support!

Once again, see you soon!




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