World Junior Championships, London

After several weeks of hard training, added to a solid school schedule, finally the day of my departure for London and the World Championships had arrived.

Even though I could just not wait to run against the best juniors in the world, I still had a small piece of my mind that was stressed. Probably because I kept thinking of all the things that could turn bad: The possibility to fall, to miss the first pack, to simply not be there mentally. All these thoughts made ​​me doubt in myself, but hey, I did my best to block them out of my mind. I gave all I had in my preparation to be able to give the best I could.

I left the Dorval Airport on the evening of September 7th to arrive at 8 am in London the day after. First observation, the reputation doesn’t lie: The sky really is a dull gray. Second finding, everyone does drive on the wrong side! Besides that, the final preparation was finally able to start, and everything went according to the plan, with my physical condition optimal. More the fateful day approached, more I felt ready.

Finally, the D-Day arrived: first surprise (note the irony), the sky was gray and it was raining (yet again). Warm-up went ok, but as time advanced, stress began to build up uncontrollably and I ended up being quite stressed before the start of my race. At the swim start, after calling almost all competitors before me, being number 77, I had a pretty bad position, placed in the middle of all these 83 juniors. As a result, I had a catastrophic swim leg that was well below my abilities, exiting out of the water 31st. I then had to go all-out in the transition, but with so many people, I got boxed-in and missed the first pack, despite a time trial close to one lap. However, after the second group started to organise itself, in a couple of laps we were finally able to catch the head of the race with one or two kilometers left in the bike portion. With a massive bunch of guys not letting an inch of space to anyone, arriving into T2, I did not have much space and I dismounted the bike in the middle of the pack and got the chance to get boxed-in yet again, having one of the first spots to drop my bike in transition. I had a decent transition and had an average run, where I did not manage to run up the rankings as much as I would have liked to.

In conclusion, a nice 18th position, slightly unsatisfactory, but a good experience for the future, being that I still have one last year in this same category. It now time for me to take a well-deserved rest (despite the desire to continue training), with potentially some participation in collegial cross-country races, which I do not expect any exceptional result (being in a break!). It’s time for a new season, full of surprises and unknown territory!

I’ll have to send a great Thank You to all the team that made this great adventure possible: my sponsors Trimes Team and Eload, my dedicated coaches Kyla Rollinson and Javier Cuevas, my amazing parents who do a titan’s work in supporting me and finally to Libby Burrell  and the rest of the support team (Sue Lott, Dave Coleman, Drew Mackenzie) present for us in London. Thanks to them, I had a great season and I owe them a lot!

With that, I thank you again for following my blog and hope to see you soon!

World Champs London 2013


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