New year, new objectives

With 2014 already underway, the triathlon season is yet again approaching. As the 2013 season finished with my nomination by Triathlon Canada to the National Development Team, great experiences and exciting racing is yet to come for my last year in the junior category. The goals are set high, but are all feasible.

I’ve just returned from a small, 1 week training camp in Cuba, where the hot and humid temperature allowed us to do a lot more volume in running and cycling I’ve ever done (counting past summers of training). Despite all the training volume, still no injury on the radar, only the joy of training!

I am also pleased to announce that Eload will again support me this year. After the first weeks of using their products, I noticed a significant decrease in gastric problems, who tortured me every day when I used Gatorade powder. I can only recommend the quality product that’s Eload! In addition, I want to introduce Power2max, who will support me during the 2014 season with quality powermeters. Finally, the blog Trimes will continue to bring me assistance, in addition to the newborn project and related site directed at ITU racing, in-Vitu.

In brief, I can’t wait for my next race!

Best of wishes for the 2014 year,





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