Sarasota Junior North American and Relay Championships

Hello there!

If my last text dates back awhile, it’s that I ‘ve been pretty busy these days!

It’s now been a solid 2 and a half weeks of Florida training camp, with the goal of building a good form ahead of the Pan-American Junior Championships in Dallas ( May 29 – June 1), with a side objective being the North American Junior Championships in Sarasota on March 8, that could be a great indicator of my general fitness.

The first week of camp  made us do a good volume of training, and some tough intervals during the second week in anticipation of Sarasota. I especially loved having and analyzing my Power2max power data! We arrived on the race site two days before the race, Thursday, and I felt like a had a pretty good swimming, bike and run fitness. The race course gets even closer to perfection every year, while our swimming took place in a rowing basin ( no current ) and the cycling and running took place on a partially closed-off road around the Nathan Benderson Park basin. I was confident.

On race day , I put my plan to action : I had a great start, to the left of the dock, to find myself in the lead after a few arm strokes . I then accelerated in order to push the pace, which resulted in a fast swim, coming out of the water five seconds before the second (without a doubt due to my AMAZING Nineteen wetsuit!) . A solid transition then allowed me to leave the area in first place, which permitted me to attempt a two-man breakaway (with Blecher). We were caught up by a group of six at half of the first bike lap, I then tried to organize our pack in order to have a real chance of escaping the huge pack. Unfortunately, a few minutes later, all but the mexican Perez Flores and Blecher were dropped following a corner negotiated pretty fast. Our trio subsequently survived another lap, but ended up in a peloton of approximately thirty people. Noting that all the runners I had targeted were in the group, I decided I would no longer work on the proper functioning of the pack. Finally, as we entered the second transition, I racked my bike in the top 10 and started the 5k run at a solid pace. It did not take long for a small group to catch me and make a pass on me, but as they took the lead they tried to slow the pace a bit : I repositioned myself in the front, as before and again increased the pace. After one lap, I found myself with a slim lead of about 5 seconds! Approaching the last turn-around of the last lap , I was passed once again, but was able with a final move to regain the lead and accelerate yet again, allowing me to win the title of North American Junior Champion  by a few seconds !

The next day, I was promoted to Team Canada 2 (Alex Coates/Gabriel Legault/Alison Hooper) for the North American Mixed Relay Championship, and it was decided that I would leave the last of the team, the fourth to complete the mini- triathlon ( 350 m / 6.4 km / 2 km). I took over the relay in fourth position , about 10 seconds off the anchor of the Mexican team. I suceeded to overtake him, but I had some trouble in transition to finally have a few seconds deficit on the bike. I then gave it all in this time trial and managed to take him twenty seconds, a margin I wanted to give myself in case he would be a great runner. I then survived the 2k run and finally finished 3rd. Our team can definitely say we won third place!

Results if you’re curious !

I will then end this third week of training before returning to Quebec and start a big training block in prevision of the Pan American Junior Championships!

A huge Thanks to Nineteen, Eload, Trimes Team, Power2max, my coaches Kyla Rollinson and Javier Cuevas and my parents for their support!

Until next time!





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