Dallas, back to the daily grind

We can’t always have good races.

This sentence can explain last Saturday’s race, from which I’ve just returned, the Pan American Junior Championships, taking place in Dallas, Texas.

I arrived in Dallas Monday, May 26th, late in the evening, to try to adapt to the furnace which is Texas. These few days before the competition went well, despite the fact I still had remnants of a small cold contracted the week before. A few days before the competition, we moved to a hotel in Irving, which stood right next to the venue, to facilitate the race recconnaissance. Everything augured well.

On race day, general ”feeling” was really not the best. The temperature was pretty warm (Around 35 degrees considrering the humidex), therfore hydration was a key point to the race: thanks to Eload, I was able to complete this challenge with gusto! My swim start was not exceptional , which meant that I got pushed to the outside throughout this portion. I still managed to exit 6th out of the water, and after a quick transition, second on the bike course . Immediately, with fellow Canadian Myles Zagar, I tried to create a breakaway, but being chased by a pack of thirty guys, we were caught near the half of the first lap (on a total of 4 laps). From that moment, despite some attempts to breakwaway, the bike ran without much difficulty and no impressive wattage on my (awesome) Power2max, and we entered the second transition as a huge pack. I once again had a good transition and came out first on the running course, adopting a high pace right from the start. However, after the first kilometer, where good running feelings usually take over, I felt like a sack of potatoes. I then did my best to limit the damage and finally crossed the finish line in fourth position, overtaken by a brazilian and two opponents I had beaten the North American Championships in Sarasota.

In the end, I’ve learnt many lessons from this experience. Nevertheless, according to Triathlon Canada’s criterias, I (should) be classified for the World Junior Championships of this year. A solid 3-month period alternating competition and training then starts, a lot of time is on my hands to prepare in an optimal manner for this race.

I’ll come back stronger.

A huge Thanks to NineteenEloadTrimes TeamPower2max, my coaches Kyla Rollinson and Javier Cuevas and my parents for their support!



P.S. the results , if you ‘re interested.


Thanks to Ej TriLifeBlog for the picture, come and check his other pictures here.



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