Still a bit of work to do (June-July)

Magog was going to be my last Junior National Series (my last Canadian Junior Championships), I then naturally wanted to perform well. Everything was being done to achieve my goal, to win the National title. Unfortunately, two weeks away the race, persistent pain in the Achilles tendon forced me to stop running on the pavement: therefore, I compensated with some water running. My progress on the run was then cut short during this period, and I managed  to restart running approximately a week before leaving for Magog.

On race day, I had a great swim start and immediately installed myself at the front of the pack (the secret? My Nineteen Rogue wetsuit ;)). Unfortunately, it was impossible build a significant lead to create a breakaway group, which resulted in a compact group coming into the first transition. After a fast T1, two of us were able to create a time gap to the peloton, which lead to a 20 second time gap after the first lap. However, approaching the midway point of the second (and last) lap, I got dropped by my ally of circumstance. At that point, even though it might have been the wrong choice, I decided to try my best to come back, as  he’d slowed down slightly. I succeeded, and the two of us finished the bike portion about 30 seconds in front of the main peloton. The transition to running was painful, my legs quite a bit sorer than usual, and I was unable to find my rhythm during the 5 km run portion. I passed the finish line in a somewhat disappointing fourth position.

I have since left Quebec for Spain, where we benefited an amazing and very motivating High Performance training environment, notably with several world-class elites, while I also did ​​good progress in all three disciplines. Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for Embrun, where I’ll race for Metz triathlon team on a demanding course. No need to say I’m pretty excited, especially since the start list is filled with some big names of the sport!

With that being said, I thank you again for following my “adventure”, with some  very special mentions to  Nineteen, Eload,  TrimesPower2max, my coach Kyla Rollinson and my parents for their unwavering support.


Best regards,





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