Level up!

With the temperature being quite crazy here in Montreal, with an average of -13°C for the past month, I was glad to leave for a  camp in Cuba at the start of January. Swimming, biking and running outside was great to forget that back home winter was still there. With a nice training «foundation» from the past months, we were set for quite a hard camp in Varadero, Cuba.

For the first time since I started triathlon, I completed a  40 hour training week, which meant that we were eating nonstop and enormous amounts of food and trying to squeeze in naps like there was no tomorrow. We also rode our bikes from Varadero to Habana, 150km, just under 5 hours (4:55), which was awesome. All in all, great amount of fun and training, which resulted in an exhausted me on the last day.


*Swimming location in Varadero

We came back to Montreal to some freezing temperatures (-25°C), then had an easy week in preparation for Habana CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup, my first race as a U23/Elite (woohoo!).

All in all, this race was a good ”wake up” call, a friendly reminder of how races are. I wasn’t quite in great shape, but it wound up okay. It was quite a fast swim, where I narrowly made the pack but had to bike hard on the first lap with Keane. Then the rain and the wind picked up. The conditions were extremely slippery, so the pace dropped a notch, with some attacks now and then. Into the run, my legs felt like two blocks of cement, and on top of that the rain and the wind just went wild, with thunder and lightning joining the party. All these factors made for quite a slow run, and resulted in a decent eight position for a race that could’ve gone a lot worse. I made a lot of small mistakes, but after all it’s still January!

I’m now back in Montreal and starting a new training block leading to a training camp and a race in Florida at the start of March.

All the best (especially for mild temperatures),


2015-01-23 17.08.55

*Awesome dirt track in Habana!


*Race start, ©Triathlon.org


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