The name of the game

Hello to you!

One week ago, I came back from an awesome 3 week training camp in Clermont, Florida. I think I can say it was extremely beneficial mentally (and obviously also for training) to leave the cold that wouldn’t leave Quebec alone. Even though the weather in Florida was rainy and relatively cool during the first week of camp, we were lucky enough to enjoy some great sunny temperatures in the other two weeks.

On the first weekend of March, I took part in my first competition of the trip, a Continental Cup in Clermont. Two years ago, that same race was my first competition in the ITU circuit, and I kept good memories of the race venue. After a solid swim, out of the water 3rd, we went out on the bike course in a group of 5 in front of a large 20-30 people group (with all the runners). Unfortunately, two of our group memebers did not want to collaborate, but with 2 other strong riders we were able to ride decently. Despite a solid effort, we ran out of T2 with a slim 5-10s margin on the chase pack; With legs slightly cooked from our bike effort, I still managed a decent 5k to finish 7th.


Some light training days after, I left to Lima, Peru, to take part in my Olympic distance triathlon debut. This was also one of my first real racing experience in South America, a true experience in themselves, as they are very different of what I was accustomed! In addition, a real shock circulating in the streets of Lima, with very reckless drivers (with only one stop sign sighted in the city).

Finally race day. 9 am start, delayed to 10.

After a quite chaotic alignment on the start line, with no boxes, I missed the start, as instead of an air horn the starter shouted something. I still had a good swim, and got out of the water first with a group of 4, 15 seconds ahead of the main group. We had a solid 40k, where all participated, which resulted in a nice 1 minute 5 seconds lead. I started with two other guys, then sttled in my own pace until around 7.5km, when I was about 25s behind the leading pair, and accelerated in the final lap to pass the venezualian and finish in second position. All in all, objective completed, first Olympic triathlon in the bag with a small bonus, a podium; encouraging for the upcoming season!

Since then, I’ve returned to Montreal for a good training block in anticipation Bridgetown continental cup (April 19) and the Pan American Championships in Monterrey. I’ll be working hard to get faster on my running, in this damn cold that doesn’t want to leave 😉

Until next time,

Xavier Grenier-Talavera



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