One month is a short time

In a month time, so much was crammed in such a short period! Let me say that it was a very busy period, where sleep did not have a lot of time accorded.

First of all, I had a  sprint distance race in Bridgetown at the start of April to kick off the month, where I had a decent race (but quite a heat ”shock”, from going around 0°C to a blazing 35°C), but not quite satisfying. I definitely felt flat, but it did feel good to have the old race reflexes come back slowly but surely. I can say it was quite fun to swim in water that clear and that hot (maybe even a tad too much).


Then was time to come back home. The two and a half weeks coming back weren’t too bad, consisting in preparations for my final Cegep exams and some studying time for my physics and french tests (without forgetting my Physical Education tests, which I had to do, as I really need to get back in shape 😉 ).

End of April, I was leaving again, this time to Monterrey, Mexico, for the Pan-American Championships. It was my second ever Olympic distance, and with a strong field I was not quite sure what to expect. After a very rough swim in the very very narrow canal, a bike on the nice but slick kind-of race track and a hot run, I finished in 21st place, 7th U23, an encouraging result but still not enough.

Back in Montreal on the tuesday in the start of May, that’s where the real challenge began, making the final preparations for Europe and studying for my last physics and french tests, while training 20-25 hours a week. Let’s say I was booked from 6am to 9pm! It definitely was a rough time, with sleep sacrificed in an attempt to cram the most possible in a single day, and I’m glad I have passed though it without a cold. On top of that, my parents had started renovating the house, and I can almost say we were doing camping inside our own place. May 20th, day  of my final exam and of my departure began, I have to say I did sleep well on the plane to Spain!

As of right now, I’ll be in Spain (and Bulgaria, Netherlands and France) for the next two months, where I’ll be racing ITU European cups, French Grand Prix’s (D1) and some Basque races (6 in total). Based in Vitoria, I’ll be training with Coach K alongside my Tri-O-Lacs/CSL teammates and some days with Jamie Turner’s squad, one of the fastest elite triathlon groups in the world. I’m super excited by the opportunity and really look forward to these two months spent in a great daily performance environment.


*First day in Vitoria, fun to be back!


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Many thanks to my sponsors and supporters: Saputo, Nineteen, Eload, Triathlon Canada, Triathlon Québec, Tri-O-Lacs, Le Suroît Cycle et Ski, Centre Chiropratique de Pierrefonds, Trimes and Jogx, with a VERY special thanks to some new companies, Foliot and Merrell!

Until next time,

Xavier Grenier-Talavéra


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