2016, off to a good start!

Hello to you in this new year!

I am writing this first follow-up straight from Ecuador, where I am taking part in my first ever altitude camp, living and training above 2500m above sea level. Four weeks have already passed, and in one short week we’ll already be leaving for Clermont, Florida, for my season openers in ITU triathlon racing!

Below is a short resume of the past months in my life as a student and a triathlete.

To start, as of last December, I had the honor to integrate once again the National Development team, with it being my third straight year.

Afterwards, end of December and start of January were pretty uneventful, combining lots of training with temperatures getting colder by the day.

On January 25th, I finally departed on my first altitude training camp in Cuenca, Ecuador, for a five-week preparation for this new triathlon season. Leaving for a full two months, I took the decision not to attend University courses, and rather chose to register in one online course in order to be able to focus on the training, while still completing some courses.

2016-01-26 15.13.57.jpg

Stunning view when passing through the Andes to Cuenca

The adaptation process to the 2500+ meters of altitude was pretty demanding, which meant that we really did not do much training in the first 10 days of our stay. We therefore decided to complete a short hike up a mountain up to 4051 meters, the summit granting us a foggy but impressive view. As of the eleventh day, however, the training started to be harder and harder, as our training load gradually increased and intensity training started.

2016-02-04 10.16.36.jpg

The days then started to pass rather quickly! Last Saturday, we even climbed a mountain up to 4166 meters, starting from our apartments’ base altitude of 2500 meters! Finally, we finished off the camp with a great hike in Cajas National Park, at over 3200 meters above sea level.

2016-02-20 10.14.47.jpg

It’s way colder than it looks!

2016-02-26 12.55.51.jpg

Hiking in Cajas National Park

On February 28th, we will finally depart from the Guayaquil airport towards Clermont, Florida, where we will have another month of training camp and two sprint distance ITU Pan-American cups in Clermont and Sarasota, on March 5th and March 12th respectively. As of the start of April, I’ll be back in Montreal for a short time before leaving for other exciting races of this 2016 season, with no certain plan on which races will be completed yet. One thing is sure, you will definitely be kept updated!


Until next time,


Xavier Grenier-Talavera


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