2016 in a supercut

With 2017 at its beginnings, why not time for a supercut of what happened in 2016? I’ve had so many positive experiences, so much learnt, so many fantastic people met, so many difficult times, so many places travelled to but most of all, so much fun!

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store, as for me, I’m more motivated than ever to follow my dreams. Happy New Year to all of you, shoot for the stars, and don’t forget to like my page and share!

Once again, huge thanks to my awesome 2016 support team : My coach Kyla Rollinson, my extremely supportive parents, Triathlon Canada, Triathlon Québec, Saputo, FAEQ – Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec, Club de triathlon Tri-O-Lacs, Fondation FIDA, Le Suroît Cycle & Ski, Centre Chiropratique Pierrefonds, JOGX Vaudreuil

All the best,



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